How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog



Starting a blog can be easy, but it is hard to increase traffic to the posts on this blog. The tips below can help you be able to increase the number of people that visit your blog:

Frequently Write Great Content

When you frequently update your blog with very useful content then you increase the chances of increasing your audience. Quality content will attract and maintain your audience and keep them loyal to your blog. Frequent posting increases your chances of being noticed by many search engines.

Join Social Networking Sites, Online Groups, Forums and Web Rings

In these groups, you can ask questions and share useful ideas from like-minded people. Ensure that your blog has a link in your profile or signature line. With this, any time you participate in any online network or post on the forum, you are  promoting your blog indirectly.

Submit Your Blog to Search Engines

Once you are on the radar screen of popular search engines like Yahoo and Google, your pages will always be included in their results. You need to submit the URL of your blog to them.

Consider Guest Blogging

This is when another blogger writes a guest post on your blog or you write on another person’s blog. This exposes you to the audience of the other blogger.

Integrate Great Design into Your Site

If your design is outdated, or your site uses default templates, then there are chances that you are likely to receive less trust, fewer pages per visit, a lower time-on-page, a lower chance of it being shared. A well designed site will receive the reverse and greatly benefit from blogs.

 Harness the Power of Comments

Responding on many comments left on your blog shows your audience that you  value their opinion. This increases your reader loyalty. Commenting on other people’s blogs and leaving the URL of your blog can help you get new traffic. Leaving meaningful comments will invite readers to easily click on your link to read more.

Ensure You Blog Content Has an RSS Feed

With an RSS feed, your loyal readers will not only know when you publish any new content, but also to easily read your blogs.

Ensure That Your Blog Content Is SEO Friendly

Optimizing your pages will ensure that search engines easily find them. Your content should have relevant keywords and links. Do not overdo it since it can result to spamming.

Add Photos, Graphics and Illustrations to your blog

This not only makes your blog look pretty but also helps people to find your pages on search engine listings.  People frequently use image search options that are offered by search engines. Naming the images you use can greatly increase your traffic.

Nominate Other Blogs and Yourself for a Number of Blog Awards

Since the numbers of blog awards being given out each year are many, nominating other bloggers and yourself for these awards can easily draw traffic to your pages. By just participating in these awards, you may get people interested in knowing the quality of your content.

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